Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music Makes the People

In response to our HR music lesson I would like you to appeal to your emotional side for a bit.  Please answer the following questions and speak with feeling and passion ( and honesty).
When you are done answering the questions, I would like you to respond to at least two other people's responses.  Let's share together and interact a bit because we will be doing a lot of this the next couple of months.

1.  How does music (or art, film, or any other creative medium) inspire and shape you?  Show how.  How is it a "feeling" and "response"?  How does it reflect your spirit?  Is it something that frees you?  Brings catharsis?  Compassion?  Empathy?  Please reflect.

2.  Fill in the blank-(keep this toward the topic of music or art):
When I hear (see, sing...)____________, I know/I feel________________.
Please elaborate on your statement.

Example: When I hear Motown-from Otis Redding, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder to Aretha Franklin and  the Temptations, I am entranced.  It is a connection I feel.   I am listening to art passed down to me.  I am listening to something that speaks truth-something that was meant to transcend. I hear something that was played in the house on Saturday mornings, cleaning the furniture and singing and dancing with a mop.  In my car, on lazy Sunday's or when the doldrums of life seem too real, I put in my Motown and it shares its voice allowing for a more liberating experience.  It is an experience, a nostalgia, a memory of times that always pervade my soul with warmth.  It is a love of past experience and knowledge. A love of the shouts, and beats, rhythms, rhymes and that of LIFE!
"but the soft words they are spoke so gentle
yeah yeah yeah
and it makes it easier to bear
oh she wont regret it
no no
them young girls they dont forget it
love is their whole happiness
yeah yeha yeah
but its all so easy
all you got to do is try
try a little tenderness"-

Every time I listen to those lyrics, I smile.  Otis lives through me, letting me know the trials of love, of want, of a lesson learned.  I shout it from the pit of my stomach and blare it out.  Oh how I could go on...

3.  Pick one song that moves you and share your ideas.

4.  If you so desire; tell me your top music artists: 
For me: 
1. Led Zeppelin
2.  Tool 
3. Dave Matthews Band 
4.  Metallica
5.  Rodrigo y Gabriela...and the list goes on and on...


  1. Music shapes and inspires who I am because the music sometimes tells a story of other people's hardships and makes you think about the life that you have and how we can be so privileged compared to people who don't have much of anything. Music reflects your spirit because the music that I listen to reflects the mood that I am in a helps to release negative energy. Music is something that frees me because when I listen to music i can feel that there is nothing that can make me sad or down, music is something that lifts me up and makes my day better. When I hear classical music for example I feel calm and relaxed because there is a seance of peacefulness to the music that you don't find as often in today's music. There is a part of classical music that is lively and calm at the same time, there is no vocals in classical music so the music is left to your interpretation and I really like that. One song that moves me is "what you want" by the John Butler trio. This song moves me because it is telling a story through out the entire song and some songs don't do that. My top music artists would probably have to be.. John Butler Trio, Nickelback, Blake shelton and Carrie Underwood.

    1. Interesting, you don't usually find people that like classical music these days, I think that thing that I like the most about classical music the couple of times that I have heard it is the use of instruments, I don't think there is any type of music out there these days that use instruments like they used to. I guess that was because instruments never used to be used and when they started to be, people could actually understand the value of them.

  2. 1) Music shapes and defines me because of the memories that seem to always find a way to associate themselves with. It might just be me, but I think that almost every song I listen to, whether I have heard it before or not, finds a way to remind me of the first time I road a bike, or the first time I feel and scraped a knee. Even depending on how strong a song effect me, I might even go as far to say that they change the way you act. There are some songs that, after I hear them, sing about a certain action people may do that hurt others, I have a tendency to start noticing them, and attempting to stop them, or just change the way I act at least.
    2) When I hear Christian Contemporary music, I always have to do a kind of reflection. I have to wait and try to decipher whats going on in my life, and realize its not mine.
    3) When I hear Worn by Tenth Avenue North I stop. I hear this song it reminds me of the way I should feel, act and speak but how I don't. How I am like everyone else and fall to the temptations of the Earth. And after every time I hear this song, I have to sit for a few minutes and wonder at all the things I have missed, passed by or excluded from my life.

    1. I think thats why I like Christian Contemporary music as well because its a reflection of how thankful we should be for the life we were given and I respect that you think so too.

    2. I agree that music really does define memories. Everyone has songs that have memories associated that brings back flashbacks.

  3. 1. Music is a trigger for remembering the past. Almost every song that I know sparks a memory when I hear it. The lyrics and beat remind be of people, places, and events that I hopefully will never forget. Songs will throw memories into my head as if trying to tell me to never forget, never overlook the small events that have shaped who I am today. Most of the memories are happy because music is something that I associate with excitement and joy. No matter how slow the song, music does not usually affect me in a negative way; although every once in a while an exception comes along. Certain music makes me think about the time my team danced in the locker room. The time my friends and I danced in the car and the crazy dance moves I used to make up with my brother. It reminds me of the wins and the losses, and most of all the friends and family I have shared my past with. Music stays with me just as the memories do. The music I have listened to is often reflected in my future actions as I remember the past and seek new adventures and music in the future.

    2. When I hear old, classic, Disney movie sound tracks, I know the child in me is still alive. I wouldn’t say that I listen to this music a lot but when I do hear a song from Lion King I feel my childhood come back. The songs have a nostalgic affect. I grew up loving the Disney songs, I knew all the words. It is not about trying to live in the past when I hear these songs, it is simply about remembering. It is easy to listen to these songs and forget my worries because that is what I did when I was younger. “Hakuna Matata”… right. When I was younger I never knew what the lyrics meant, but now as I actually listen I can decipher the message with in the song. I don’t usually specifically choose a Mulan song or a Tarzan song to listen to; they usually come on at random times. These times always seem to be precise and purposeful; it is as if I was supposed to listen to the song at that moment.

    3. The song “Never Gonna Feel Like That Again” by Kenny Chesney inspires me to take each moment in life and cherish it. As he sings
    “Another chapter of my life its over
    No I’m never gonna feel like that again
    Times rushin by me like the wind
    Never gonna be as young as I was then…”
    I think about my life right now. Sport seasons are ending, while others are beginning. One chapter of my life is over, while another one is starting. High school, as much as I sometimes dread it, will fly by soon and I am never going to have the same experience again. This song reminds me to be thankful for the life I have and moves me to continue each day in my story.

    4. My top music artist is definitely Kenny Chesney, but after that there are too many to put in order. It all depends on my mood and what I feel like listening to.

    1. I love listening to the old Disney movie sound tracks it brings back the sense of childhood I miss and all the good memories I had, I'm glad I'm not the only one that still feels this way!

    2. I completely agree witht he disney thing! Whenever I cant sleep I listen to the disney station on pandora :P It is so calming haha.

    3. Paige From my comment to what I put about my song and how it makes me feel to my favorite artist it seems like we both feel that music that has a message and a powerful meaning behind it means more to us then rap, because we can relate to it more. Kenny Chesney is someone who I listen to a lot and it seems like you do to and it’s nice to know that other people get that exact same message and feeling when they listen to it.

    4. I love what you said about Disney movie songs. They remind me of a simpler time when worries weren't as great. I love being able to relate almost to a younger me. I feel that Disney movies remind me that I haven't lost that part of myself.

    5. I agree with how music is a way to remember the past. How certain songs trigger certain memories in your life. I also liked what you said about the Disney songs, its completely true! it definitely brings back a nostalgic effect. I can finally understand the meaning behind the lyrics and not just the cool beats and rhythm that i listened for when i was a kid.

    6. I agree with you about the Disney movie songs. The songs bring us flashbacks from the pass of childhood. Without Disney songs my life wouldn't be complete. Disney songs are just so relaxing!

    7. Kenney Chesney is an amazing artist. His songs are so important and really make you think about your life. His lyrics find purpose and meaning to my heart and that shows that he’s a great artist. I agree with your thoughts about him.

  4. Music shapes and inspires me because every song or lyric has some type relationship in your life. I listen to music depending on my mood. It helps me cope with how I feel, sometimes it makes me break down but then other times its the only thing keeping me up. "When you're happy, you enjoy the music. But when you're sad, you understand the lyrics." Music to me is an escape from everything around me and really makes me question and wonder about other peoples hardships they go through and what mine consist of. I simply don't know what I would do without music. When I hear alternative music, I feel all sort of things, I feel truth, I'm calm, and a sense of being lifted. In alternative music there is a mix of rock and calmness. We all need that in life it's like a little boost but not to big of a boost and I feel that's what alternative music does to me. It tells me to keep going but its also okay to fall down sometimes. One song that moves me is Stay by Rihanna. It's about the fear of losing someone and not having them around anymore. When I hear this song it tells me to love everybody all the time because you never know when you are going to lose someone.

    1. I agree with this, i think music is a really good way to channel negative emotions as well as put you in a good uplifting mood when you are happy.

    2. Laura I agree with you because everyone at some point is always happy and listens to happy music, but when you’re sad you really just want to be left alone and listen to music to get a good cry in and hopefully feel better.

    3. I love your last statement "love everybody all the time because you never know when you are going to lose someone." so true and it's a good modo to live by.

  5. I believe music is often turned to for an escape because of how the songs can often relate to your life. It makes you feel like you’re not the only person feeling that emotion and I think that brings a sort of safe haven for many of us. I believe people have more comfort in suffering together than alone, and music allows us to do that. I also think that we as humans relate certain songs to certain moments in our lives and we use those songs to help us remember how we felt during that time in our lives.

    When I hear Trevor Hall I feel serene. I am always calmed because most of the songs are happy views of life and looking for the good things in your day. I think that is such a wonderful mindset of life and it helps from being sucked into the masse of negativity given out by those around us. It is a nice little reminder that your life is always better than it appears in your mind.

    When I think of a song that “moves” me, I think of a song that causes me to think about something outside a normal day. The first song that popped into my mind was Runaway Love by Ludacris. That song has always stuck out to me because it shows such a difficult topic and brings light to how many terrible things are going on around us that we don’t hear about. It is so raw and shocking not like a normal everyday upbeat song, but instead about subjects many of us don’t realize go on so often in life, I think it is so important in life to look into the hardships of others and by seeing those hardships to understand why a person is the way they are. I think by doing this it reminds us that we shouldn't make anyones life more difficult than it already is and it teaches us to respect people more and be kinder.

    1. I love what you said abut people finding comfort in suffering together, rather than feeling alone in whatever you're facing, which music definitely allows us to do.
      And again I loved what you said about noticing what others are going through, so we know why they are the way they are, rather than judging some one. There is way too much judging others in this world, which really just tells more about us than the person we are judging. Kindness is everything.

    2. I agree with what you said about how we don't want to suffer alone. When someone is hurting, you can find comfort in the companionship of another human, animal, or in this case music. Also, I love what you said about looking at the hardships of others. I seriously always wonder what has happened to a person to make them do the things they do, what has shaped them to be who they are?

    3. I agree with what you said about music being a way to escape the problems that might be going on in your life. I liked what you said about how we don't want to suffer alone, most people are compassionate. If an animal is found on the ground, hurt, most would go and see what's wrong. How music allows you to suffer together and it's not just you that's feeling that emotion evoked from the song.

    4. I never thought about how music is a comfort and its a way to suffer together. It makes a lot of sense. I also really like how you said music was a way to escape your life, and that we aren't the only ones that feel a certain way and it helps us get through whatever situation it is.

  6. 1. Music for me is my life. It’s what pumps me up for a big game, something I can listen to when I’m sad or down. It’s an escape from the real world for a while and a reminder that other people at some point in their life have felt the way I’m feeling at that moment. It may be going for a long drive with my windows rolled down and the sun shining down on me with country music blasting, in order for me to get my head put back on and have my mind running more clearly than before. From and athletes point of view it’s that moment you plug into your music and let the beat of the song pump adrenal through your veins to hopefully get a W. At that point nothing else matters besides being on the field with your teammates playing the game you love and leaving everything you have out on the field. Music is just something that gives off a certain way I feel that day. It may be a happy mood, sad, angry, whatever the case may be it’s what gets me through my days.
    2. When I sing in that room with my high school team to crazy songs and jump around like crazy people. It makes me feel like I have a whole other family that doesn’t care what I do around them, how stupid I look, or how bad I sing. It’s that feeling that shortly all of us will be out on that soccer field doing what we love and already being pumped up because of the music we listened to in our room. It’s an experience that no one can take away from us. Sing our “team” song with our mosh pit and strobe lights’ going is something I will always remember. Even when I hear that song after I’m long gone. Also knowing that this tradition will be passed down for a long time is a cool thing to think about because singing and dancing acting like compete idiots is what forms a team’s bond so strongly and allows them to know that they are never alone. Every team probably wishes that they could say they meet every time in THEIR room to get rowdy and pumped together before they play and sing at the top of their lungs, but I’m so grateful that I can sing and dance likes an idiot every day before a game!
    3. One song that moves me every time I hear it would be “What hurts the Most” By Rascal Flatts. It just shows that you really never know when you’ll be with someone for the last time. Also, that it’s never going to be easy to be around friends you both would hang out with and the pain will never truly disappear but will always be a painful memory when you hear something that reminds you of them.
    4. My top artists would most likely be Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and many other country artists.

    1. I agree with what you said about never knowing when your last time will be with some one. Time is on it's own clock and we have to let every one we love know how much we love them. Time is expensive too, and we got to live every moment fully with the people we would do anything for. Love that song by the Rascal Flatts!

  7. 1. Both music and photography inspire me in ways I will never be able to explain. Music, I can escape to a whole new world and find myself in every song I hear in some way. Somehow almost all music speaks to me in a deep way. I don’t even have a favorite band better yet a favorite genre. I am able to find several songs from every genre and find myself falling in love with everything I hear. It’s like a different language. So many songs make me think and reflect, and bring out the emotional side where I simply miss being a kid, or I miss some one in my life, or I wish my life was a certain way or better lived. And then there are the songs that can immediately boost my mood, my confidence, and make my life seem like I am the luckiest girl in the world. Music is just apart of me, simply.
    The thing I love about photography, is capturing the most easiest, simplest, moments in life that we will never have back for a second that exact same way. It captures something that would have been completely lost forever. Photography has it’s own voice, its own creativity and uniqueness. I could honestly stare at a creatively captured photo for hours and just wonder the meaning behind it.
    2. When I hear songwriter music, I hear a sense of honesty. Each song I hear a story that happens to an everyday person, and the hardships they are facing, and I am able to reflect on my own life. It let’s me know I am not the only one gong through something, and that It’ll all be better one day.
    3. When I hear ‘Happiness’ by The Fray I feel sort of empty, and I really have to listen to the lyrics of this one, because it’s a slow song I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to. When I listen to it I think of the quest to find happiness, the struggles we face that stand in the way of our happiness. The choices we make while on our quest, and the feeling of desperation we get when happiness is out of our lives. That pain skews our outlook on life and what happiness truly may be. How when it feels as if it will be gone forever and you just want to give up, but the constant reminder of it leads us to keep searching for it, and ultimately, what is meant to be, will be. And in most cases, the thing you're so desperate for usually FINDS YOU when you least expect it.

    1. I am the same way when it comes to picking a favorite band or genre. You where one of the only ones to talk about photography. What you said about capturing moments that we will never have back is something that most can relate to. Going through old pictures and seeing a simple family picnic brings back so many memories that you never thought you would remember.

  8. When I think of music, a multitude of thoughts flood my mind. I think about the concerts I have been to, the music I blast in my car with friends, and the friends I have made through similar music interests. Music speaks to me in so many ways. Not only do the lyrics relate to my soul, but when accompanied by the instruments the meanings and feelings that it evokes are so intensified. I can feel absolutely elated, incredibly woeful, or insanely angry depending on the song. Music has given me something to relate and connect to. Knowing that other people have felt the same emotions as me, I don't feel as isolated during hardships. Honestly, music can evoke any feeling or emotion from me, depending on my mood and on the song. In that way, it provides a way to purge me from bottled up emotions.

    One of my top five favorite bands is a five piece post-hardcore band called La Dispute. I hate using genres, but they are a band that doesn't fall in any other genre besides the broad post-hardcore genre. The songs they produce are poetry put to music. Each song is different, and so heartfelt. You can hear the conviction behind the singer's words. Each lyric is so relatable to a multitude of situations that occur in one's life. "Maybe its just as much about what comes our way, as it is how we react." "Remember not our faulty pieces, Remember not our rusted parts, It's not the petty imperfections that defines us, but the way we hold our hearts and the way we hold our heads." I mean, they just make me feel so human. They make me feel like I am a normal human being who feels. I just can't even describe how much this band means to me. Not to mention the tone of their guitar and the way they add in additional instruments like the tambourine. Seeing them in concert was even more just fulfilling for lack of a better word. Being surrounded by other people who have made connections to their words, screaming them back at the band who wrote them, and just listening to this band that we have all fallen in love with.

    One song that moves me every time I hear the song is "Lemon Meringue Tie" by Dance Gavin Dance. That has been probably my favorite song since seventh grade. The guitar and bass intro is just so addictive, and then the vocalist has the voice of a soulful angel. And then the lyrics. Oh goodness, the lyrics. Every human has felt conflicted, and confused about their feelings for another person. Every human has doubted the choices that they have made, and the lyrics relate to every human just like that.
    "And I don't know why
    I don’t know why I fight for you this way
    Fight for you this way
    Fight for you this way
    (Take the call and quickly lie about)
    (Who you've been seeing lately)
    (Then forget about it all)"
    Just gah. This song is gah. I can't fathom any more words to describe this song and the way it makes me feel.

    My favorite artists..
    1. Dance Gavin Dance
    2. La Dispute
    3. Emarosa
    4. A Lot Like Birds
    5. Listener
    If I had to pick just five.

  9. 1.) Music is a storybook into people’s lives. Music inspires and shapes me by just allowing me to feel a variety of emotions. The memories my mind comes back to when a song comes on is just fascinating. I feel the emotion the artists try to portray through their songs. I have the worst memory but surprisingly I can still remember lyrics of a song from my childhood. It’s just one of those things that never leave you. The beat, the rhythm, the tone, the passion, and the meaning are the things I always hear when I listen to music. Those qualities in the music are just ingrained in your brain and that’s how I remember a chapter in my life is by listening to certain songs that I listened to in that chapter. Music reflects the variety of choice and frees me from the dark moments that might shadow my day. Music is a constant in my life, it’s something that will never change, and it keeps me calm and happy. Music gives me a thrill; it allows me to feel compassion through my entire body instead of just in my heart. Music moves me; it brings me compassion to the artist’s lives. The lyrics they write hold a specific meaning to them and makes me respect people more because I realize that many might not show it but life’s hard for everyone.

    2.) When I hear the music from when I was a kid, like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, I feel as if my childhood can never be taken from me. As if at least for 3 minutes I don’t have to feel the pressures of the world. I can just go back in time and remember what it was like to not care. To just have fun and enjoy life, not knowing the bad parts of the world. I can remember the best times of my life and for 3 minutes I can remember those close bonds I still share today. I remember those embarrassing moments, the crazy summers, and the bonding of neighbors. For those 3 minutes, I’m back to being a kid, I feel so happy and my body is calmed. I don’t have to fear the expectations or stress of being older than 10. I’m a child at heart right then and there.

    3.) This was a very hard choice for me, since I am terribly at picking just one song. I decided to choose Lil’ Wayne Ft. Bruno Mars- Mirrors. The rhythm, the tone of this song is just so sad. If you look up the lyrics it’s talking about looking in the mirror and seeing your inner struggles, pain, and the wrong choices you might’ve made in life. How people might never know the things that happen in your life and what you’re going through. That you’re the only person you can be completely honest with. You never have to lie to yourself, but hopefully people can see through that pain and understand the person within without all the scars. The mirror is a motif for his understanding and truth. This song moved me because I just felt sad yet entranced with what the lyrics said. I believe that people are oblivious to the pain many people feel on a daily basis. How some people might know you but nobody can know you better than yourself.

  10. Music inspires me as an individual. Also brings out strong emotions, feelings, and thoughts in me. The song “On Eagles Wings” is a very emotional song that reminds me of both of my Grandpa’s. The song also proves that both of my Grandpa’s were strong due to the song. This is why this song was played at both of their funerals. They were both an inspiration to me, My Grandpa on my Mother’s side of the family was “Mr. no it know it all”. He seemed to always know everything from household repairs to politics. Especially politics and one word about the current administration and we were on a tangent for hours. My Grandpa on my Dad’s side of the family was bit mellower. He was easy going and would play along my jokes. He would rather have fun and be “smart-alecky” than be really serious. The different perspectives of my Grandpa’s have helped shape my own personality. I know when to be serious and think about things and when to forget all of lives troubles and just have fun. When I hear the song “On Eagles Wings” it brings out so many emotions about my Grandpa’s and I take time to reflect on what they taught me about life.
    One song that moves me is “Bad Day.” I can always relate to that song because everyone has bad days no matter what. The song always makes me reflect on how lucky I am to have only a couple bad days when others’ around me suffer everyday like this. Whenever I hear the song I always think that it’s going to be a bad day, but I have to think optimistically.

    1. It is amazing that music can inspire people of many different generations. Music is definitely a thing that will never die, no matter how futuristic our world gets. It is also cool how people can connect through music, like both of your grandparents. Music has a way of bringing people together; whether they young or old, present or gone, close or far away. Music is just one of those things that people identify with all over the world.

  11. 1. Music to me is something that has to do with a certain memory. Certain songs remind me of a different time in my life. It doesn't mean something important or meaningful happened it just triggers memories from the time. When I listen to songs it’s like I’m telling a story to myself. They bring up people I was with and little things that I normally wouldn't remember. Music is something that can bring me different emotions. An uplifting fast song gets me excited and a slower more emotional song makes me feel the way the person singing does.
    2. When I hear top chart music I feel as if they don’t actually understand everything they are singing about. The way they sing about things everyone goes through doesn't appeal to my emotions. When I hear someone who sings about something that is sincere and personal to them grabs my attention. Everyone goes through break ups and make ups but hearing songs about it all the time gets annoying. But when someone decides to sing about emotional family problems or people they admire it grabs my attention. I also like music that keeps me going I don’t just want background music.
    3. A song that moves me is Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. This song isn't about break ups or make ups. It’s about a subject that most people wouldn't sing about, it isn't a song that talks all about the bad. It gives you hope and gives you the sense that even awful things happen you can still be strong through it all.

    1. I agree that songs can take you back to other times, I think thats another thing that I love about music. I also don't like top chart songs because they are so perfected in the recording studio that the artist acually doesn't sound good live.

    2. I agree that songs on the Top Music charts don't always have a lot of meaning. It seems that people these days like a lot of songs just because of the artist or the beat, it seems that a lot of people are forgetting to look at the meaning of the song and they aren't connecting with the lyrics.

  12. 1) Music affects me in many ways. When I'm at my lowest times I do not like to share my emotions with others so I turn to music. I can lift my spirits and I can relate to some of the words to songs and it makes it so I don't feel alone. It also can inspire me to do better in areas in my life that I can improve. Before big matches I listen to music that wakes me up and gets me motivated to try my best. Some music makes me sad. I always listen to the lyrics to songs, and some are really sad but not many notice. I have a lot of compasion, I hate showing emotion, but put on a sad movie and I'll be crying instantly. It's the same with songs, if I'm alone and a little down, I will feel that compassion in the song and its actually a good way to get out my feelings on my own.
    2)When I hear the Beatles, I feel at home. My dad is a huge fan and it is always what conforts me when I'm down. They have so many great songs that I can always find one for my mood. I think I'll be listening to them a lot in college when I get home sick. I love them and many other oldies, like Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, The Eagles, James Taylor, Neil Young, and Elton John. My dad used to say that I'm a young girl with and old soul, and I'm starting to believe it given that many people in the class may not know about half of those artists. It gives a since of nostalgia and comfort.
    3) One song that moves me is, "Vienna" by Billy Joel. The lyrics are just so close to me growing up. "if your so smart, tell me why are you still so afraid." with thinking about growing up and leaving home I get so afraid and "but you know that when the truth is told, that you can get what you want or you can just get old..." telling me to just take chances or I'm just going to get old with out having the chance to live. I can literally go through the whole song but that would just take too long, so just listen to the words and you'll see what it means.
    4) I don't know for sure except The Beatles are my #1 and after that probably Billy Joel and Elton John around there somewhere.

    1. The song "Vienna" is amazing Bridget and thank you for showing it to me. That song makes me cry every time and makes me realize how fast time goes by. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from your crazy life and gather thoughts in comfort. I definitely agree with your thoughts on this song.

  13. 1) Music inspires the way I want to live my life. A song like “the good life” by one republic is one that really makes me think of how lucky I am to live the life I’m living and how grateful I am to have done what I have done thus far. Music helps guide the way we feel about a certain thing that has happened to you that day or month ago. Its helps me express my emotions especially when I can’t find the words or way to say how I feel. Singing that particular song just helps me realize what to feel but in a deeper sense. There is no possible way to show you how music shapes me because it builds the thoughts in my mind that I can’t express. Music leaves me questioning about things I’ve never encountered before and I love that uncertainty.

    2) When I hear the song “yellow” by Coldplay, I tend to melt a little inside by elaborating on how powerful the lyrics are. I know it may sound like a sad love song but to me, it sounds inspirational and endearing. Just last week I played in a golf tournament down in Fort Worth, Texas that was very important. A way to come down my nerves was listening to that one song. Whenever I hear it I think of how the stars are shining bright for me for the road I’m on in life and how all things I do up that point help establish who I am as a person. The song shows that the sun is out everyday shining for you and that you’re one step closer to finding what you’ve been looking for; it makes life worth living when hearing lyrics like that.

    3) One song that moves me is “lose yourself” by Eminem. Im not really into rap but that words to this song describes exactly how I feel when I step up to the first tee. I know how important the shot in front of me is and how this opportunity comes once in a life time. The song inspires me to chase my dreams and to accomplish great things.

    4) 1. Coldplay
    2. Red hot chili peppers
    3. Weezer
    4. Killers
    5. Pheonix

    1. I love how you take music and use it to fuel your life. I like how you can pick different songs and use them to inspire you in many different ways. It is cool that your listen to different genres, but can still pick certain messages out of each song as you listen to the lyrics. Isn’t it amazing how music can relate back to so much in your personal life? I think this is because the people who write the songs go through the same problems and have the same dreams and inspirations that many others do; that is why music is so relatable for everyone.

  14. 1.Music inspires me and shapes me in a way that cannot be put into a mere paragraph or statement. Music is magic, it drives creativity, it is a language that everyone on planet earth can understand. It is a wavelength, transcending all understanding. Music has changed my life. It has given me an outlet to say what I otherwise couldn't. It speaks, it gives, it takes, it communicates. Music frees us from ourselves, it gives life a new meaning. When I put on my headphones my world fades into melodies and harmonies. Guitar is pretty much my favorite thing in the world, besides writing. But the beauty about music is that you can do both at the same time. Music is writing.

    2. When I hear the song "Some Nights" by Fun I think of last Summer. I think of staying up late and driving down the highway at 70 miles an hour in a pickup truck. I think of the campfire and conversations that I will not soon forget. It makes me think of growing up and how such a short time ago I was a freshman entering high school with no idea of what I was doing or what I believed. My senior friends all left last year and whenever I hear that song I think of the amazing times we had, and the memories that I created.

    3. A song that moves me is "If I Die Young" by the Band Perry. I remember listening to it on the radio right after I heard about the Sandy Hook shooting. Every time I listen to it, it strikes a chord. It also reminds me that my life could be taken at any second. There is such a innocence to it as well, like a little kid is writing it. It gets me every time.

    1. Its crazy how much music can make you feel and make you realize that your life is the only one you will get. After the shooting the song that i heard on the radio was forever young, and it made me think of those little angels and how they will be forever young, it makes you realize you must live in every second because any second could be your last.

  15. 1) Music and art inspires me greatly and can also change my mood in a heartbeat. Music can describe me and the lyrics (if the song has lyrics) are very meaningful to me. The style of music I listen to depends on my mood. If I'm happy, I might listen to very upbeat songs and when I'm feeling down or I want to relax, I listen to instrumentals or soft ballads. I like all types of music, but country, I don't know why I can't get into it. Certain songs I listen to, it traps me in my own fantasy and the song is like background music and it emphasizes the fantasy. It makes me feel great and I can enjoy life with some tunes I can jam to.

    2)When I listen to the song 'Wonderful' by Big Bang, I know that even if I feel hated for whatever reason, or if I messed up or if I feel lonely, that there is always someone out there and people out there who thinks I'm wonderful and that I'm loved and I'm not forgotten. It is also a very upbeat song and it raises people's spirits. This song gotten South Korea out of their depression. It is powerful and it keeps reminding you that you're unique.
    "...I will protect your happiness and sadness, I will only deliver warmness. I am a strong "mazinger" who is always next to you. People are jealous of us, maybe that's what making you afraid. Don't worry about it now, just think cool and say 'I don't care'"

    3) Bolero by DBSK is a ballad that moves me. Its about following your dreams and let nothing get in your way and you won't know how far you get unless you try. It has a music video to it too with sepia image. Its about this one girl having a dream of being a ballet dancer. She sorta works like a maid, sitting in the dance rooms waiting to mop the floor, but she watches them dance and she yearns to dance. So one day, someone forgot their dance shoes in the studio so she tried them on and danced. The director was in the shadows so she didn't notice him, but she got startled when he started clapping as he walked out, he gave her a dance uniform and let her dance along with the other girls. A part of the lyrics of this song is, "Fly away, fly away, fly away, fly to the top. Fly forever..."

    4)In no order:
    1)Big Bang
    5)Sleeping With Sirens
    6)Block B
    The list goes on and on.

  16. 1)Music plays a big roll in my life.its what gets me through the day I listen to music every time I just helps me get away from my problems. I enjoy connecting to more like music connects with me.its like a second life to me. Its music that helps me clear my mine.

    2) when I hear any of pinks music I make me think of the birthday presents my family got me when I was younger.

    3) I can't really pick one song that moves me because I get moved by all kind of music that'd up beat.

  17. 1. I don’t know what I would do without music. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. There’s something about silence that makes me uneasy and sometimes anxious. Any time I can plug in my ear buds and listen to a playlist or tune in to the radio, I do. I don’t really know how to describe it, but there’s something about music that sets my mind free. I focus better and I feel a lot better. It’s almost the same feeling I get when I run: I feel free and the weight of the world is not on my shoulders. It’s a way for me to escape. I feel like the music I listen to reflects who I really am because even though I try to be and outward-outgoing person and show my true colors, there’s a part of me that only comes to the surface when I listen to music or when I write/draw. I can connect with a lot of the lyrics of some songs and some lyrics of other songs make me think a lot about my life and some things that could have happened, I play the “what if…” game a lot when I listen to certain songs. Music, truthfully, is just a tool I use to find myself. Music brings out my deeper side, it frees the not-so-coordinated dancer inside of me, and it makes me feel alive and happy.
    2. When I hear I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin, I feel empowered. This song makes me feel strong and unstoppable because I have a tendency to critique myself to much and I lose myself sometimes because I build to many walls and tare myself apart. The beat gets my mind racing and my heart pounding and, in a way, this song makes me feel excited. It makes me feel like I can do anything if I rely on myself and it pushes my negativity aside in my mind or it makes me forget what I was angry about. All is lost again But I'm not giving in I will not bow I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall I will not fade I will take your breath away
    3. A song that moves me would have to be Lullaby by Nickelback. This song is about how even in your darkest days, there is someone that loves you and there is hope and for you to move through those hard times you just have to take a minute and think about your life and think about what you’re about to do before it’s too late. I think everyone should at some point just listen to this song or at least read the lyrics because this is one of those songs that makes me think about my life and has opened my eyes to the pain that people are feeling. Sometimes when I’m having a bad day I’ll listen to this song and it helps me feel better because I know it’s only a bad day and not a bad life.
    4. I will listen to pretty much any kind of music so I have a lot of favorites, my top five would have to be:
    -Breaking Benjamin
    -Secondhand Serenade
    -Ashes Remain
    -Chris Daughtry