Friday, August 17, 2012

Your Learning

Please repsond to ALL of the following questions/statements-make sure to label your answers accordingly: (Please make sure to proofread and use complete sentences)
1) What is your role as a learner?  To what extent do you value learning?

For the next questions put your top 2-3 ideas:
2) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
3) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
4) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?


  1. 1)My role as a learner is to learn and work hard to learn. The value of learning is important because the more I learn the better the college I can get in to.
    3)Being a good student means that (s)he does all of their work on time and with good quailty. It also means not being a distraction and asking good questions.
    4)I expect a good teacher to be understanding and make everything crystal clear, and that's all I can ask for.
    5)This class needs to have more group time so we can start working with others rather ourselves the whole time.

  2. As a learner, our role is to be cognitive and responsive during lessons. We should be responsible before lessons start and be using the best of our knowledge to complete assignments. Personally, I value learning very much, because without knowledge, we would not be able to progress in todays environment. As students and learners in general I expect that everyone is respectful and prepared. From teachers, especially at Arapahoe, I expect that teachers are available as much as possible for students and that when students come for help, they are giving one-hundred percent of their attention. Also, they should be enthusiastic about what they are teaching, because if a teacher is not exited, then the students won’t be either. This class needs fun activities to encompass our thinking, not just having to be sitting in a class reading classic literature and not having anything that will make us want to read it. Such as, give us some interesting perspectives, or maybe there was a funny story that goes with the story...etcetera .

  3. 1./2. My role as a learner is to learn and to understand/comprehend what is being taught. I value learning to a high extent because I need the education so I can have a successful life.
    3. A good student is a student who has the passion to learn and does all the required work for the class. I expect me and my classmates to be focused and to participate in class.
    4.For the teacher I expect one who is fair and understanding of the busy teenage schedule and who can work with the students who need the extra help.
    5. The perfect class to me is a more hands on class that isn't about notes and writing everyday I am a more hands on/visual learner so I like the classes that are more fun and interesting.

  4. 1. As a learner, my role is to try my hardest and do all my work. I value learning as much as possible and I put a lot of effort into everything I do as a learner.
    3. A good student comes from trying their hardest and coming to class prepared and making sure that they (I) participate in class so that it is not boring and that the class is always interacting with each other and what we are learning that day.
    4. Coming from a student, I expect a teacher to be organized and always be willing to help a student out.
    5. In order for a productive and fun learning environment to exist, the class needs to be cooperative and understanding. We also all need to make sure that we are participating in everything we do.

  5. 1. My role as a learner is to pay attention in class, do my homework, and try my hardest to learn. I value learning because what you learn in high school can help you throughout the rest of your life.
    3. A good student pays attention, follows directions, and does their work.
    4. A quality teacher helps students, is understanding, and is able to answer questions.
    5. In order to have a productive, fun, learning enviroment to exist students have to be respectful and hardworking.

  6. 1. My role as a learner is to try to pay attention, do the work that I have been assigned. I value learning to an extent. I honestly do not care too much about learning something that I am not interested at all in. But I always learn, but I learn best if I am interested in it.

    2. A “good” student is a student that isn’t disruptive, does their work, pays attention in class, and they listen. I expect myself to do all of the above, but no promises that I won’t break it once in awhile.

    3. A good quality teacher is one that can connect with the students, not uptight and sucks the fun out of learning, the teacher has to have a way to keep the student interested in what they are teaching. Make them WANT to come to class everyday and have fun. So far you are making an awesome impression, I do want to come to class every MWF. And I hope I am doing what a “good” student is supposed to do as well, in my opinion.

    4. The class needs to respect each other, not be extremely disruptive, tell a lot of stories and keep the class fun to be in! Not much to say about this, since everyone’s personality makes the class fun.

  7. 1) My main role as a learner is to retain the information that I am given but not only that my role is to know how to use the information that I am given. Learning is one of my highest valued things because this is what is going to affect me for the rest of my life.
    2) A good student is someone who is willing to learn and putting an effort towards learning.
    3) The main thing that I expect out of a teacher is for them to be understanding of the student and how they learn. The reason why they need to be able to do that is because they need to know the best possible way to teach a student that way the student is receiving and retaining the most amount of information that they can.
    4) In order for this class to be fun and productive in needs to have a comfortable feel to it. The students and teachers need to be comfortable in the room that way they can do their best in the learning aspect of this class.

  8. 1) My role as a learner is to understand what the teacher or scholar is teaching me. I value learning a lot because it will help me later in life with finding a job and making certain tasks easier.
    3) A good student is someone who doesn’t disrupt the class and tries to help his/her classmates as well as themselves in understanding the material that is being taught to us. A good student also values what they are learning a puts it into use in the real world outside of school.
    4) A good quality teacher is someone who is a little more relaxed during some parts of class and can also be strict when it is needed. Quality teachers don’t take out personal issues on their classes and students.
    5) This class needs a lot of hands on activities or group projects where students can share their ideas and they can expand their thinking with their class mates and piers. In order to be a productive class there shouldn’t be a lot of busy work for us to do it should have something to do with an essay or project that we are doing.

  9. 1)My role as a learner is to listen and comprehend what the teacher is teaching me. I value learning a lot because it is important in the real world that you have an education and a degree for your field of work.
    3)I think a "good" student is one that listens intintly to the teacher and tries their best on every assignment that they do. I expect to complete every assigment on time and have my hard work show in my assignments.
    4)I expect to have you work at our pace and to explain what you are expecting us to do on certain assignments. Work with us not against us and show us what we need to improve on while also having fun and teaching us in a fun way.
    5)In order to be productive I think that the class really needs to be quiet and liten so we can fully understand what we need to do to excel in this class. Also, to do fun things in class so we can want to be here and be excited to learn. We treat eachother with respect and in return we have an easy going learning experience.

  10. 1) What is your role as a learner? To what extent do you value learning?
    My role as a learner consists of taking in information each day, both from class and in the world around me in order to do better every day. Classroom learning duties consist of taking notes, keeping up with work, and applying what I have learned throughout the period. I value learning more than anything else in the world which probably sounds very cliché but it’s true. I love being able to better myself in my school work as it will set me up to have a successful future.

    For the next questions put your top 2-3 ideas:
    3) What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?
    A “good” student is one who always keeps up with their work. They do what is expected in class to the best of their ability in order to accomplish the task.
    4) What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?
    A quality teacher is one who has passion in his or her work. I expect my teachers to actually care and have reason for the assignments they give not just busy work.
    5) What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?
    I think the most important aspect for having a positive class is respect. The students must respect one another and respect the teacher.

  11. 1.) My role as a learner is pay attention in class, take good notes and turn in all my homework. It is my duty to get good grades and do well in school. I expect that I do all of my work to my best ability and be on my best behavior. I expect this of myself along with my classmates so that there is a good learning environment.
    3.)A good student is one who gives there best effort and never slacks. They ask good questions and are involved. I expect that my classmates all help each other when someone needs help and that we are all a team.
    4.)I expect my teachers to explain in detail what we are learning and they need to make sure they don't go too fast and that nobody is left behind. If that happens the teacher needs to let them know they can come in and be help. The teacher also needs to be kind so nobody is afraid to speak up.
    5.)The class needs to be well behaved in order for any learning to take place but there needs to be fun times in order for people to not fall asleep. Everyone needs to bring their materials to class and be engaged yet still enjoy the time.

  12. 1. As a learner, my role is to get good grades and try my hardest throughout the year and not start letting up at certain point but only to keep turning in all my homework and working hard.
    3. What I expect of myself as a "good" student it to try my hardest and come to class prepared and participate with my classmates everyday and come together with new ideas.
    4. A good teacher to me would be organized and be willing to help whenever we need it and be there for us with support.
    5. In order for our class to be productive and fun is making sure we understand the learning and keeping us invovled in the lessons.

  13. 1) My role as a learner is to maintain a good learning inviroment and to go into every assignment with an open mind. I value learning a lot because it is necessary to have success in school and in life.
    2) A good student helps others learn. Even if its just by being quiet so the learning inviroment is still good.
    3) To be ingaging and involve the student in lectures. Also just to be available to help out students if they are having a hard time with an assignment
    4) It needs to be interesting yet still be able to maintain the curriculume of the class. It also must have a good relationship between the teacher and the students.

  14. 1. The role of a learner is to listen and ask questions. Learning is very valuable because we need to progress in life.
    3.Listen, ask questions, pay attention, take notes
    4. To be able to answer the questions we ask, to know all the subject matter, to be able to explain things in more than one way.
    5. In order for the class to be productive and fun all students will need to have done their work and be prepared for the day, no one in the class should feel judged while they are sharing their thoughts, and everyone should feel comfortable and safe.

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  16. learning is very important, we can't just go into this world without knowing anything. We would die. We go to school to learn, and understand the world. 1. My role as a learner is to pay attention to the lessons and show up to lectures, and classes. 2.Learning, like said up above, is very important, learning makes me smarter, so I value learning a lot if it will make me smarter. 3. To pay attention, do the classwork, schoolwork, show up. Really dedicated to school, is a "good" student. 4. As any teacher, I want a teacher who cares for the students, who really listens and understands the students, as an English teacher I find that one of the most important things an English teacher can do. You do that, I feel like you do that, as a teacher and having you freshman year, you showed that. 5. A flat screen T.V with a xbox, Call of Duty and lots of good food.

  17. 1) I believe that my role as a learner is to listen. I value learning quite a bit, because i would not be the person i am today with out learning everything i have, about life, about school, about the world i am currently in.
    2) a "good" student in my eyes, is someone who pays attention and has good grades, in almost every class. what i expect of my self and other classmates is somewhat different from what i said was a good student, the only thing i expect from me and my classmates is that they respect the teacher.
    3) I don't expect anything from my teachers, i trust since they are teachers, they know what they are doing.
    4) I think that in order for this class to have a productive, fun, learning, environment we all need to know each other and be comfortable saying what we think about a certain topic freely.

  18. 1. My role as a learner is to pay attention and take what I am taught and apply in any way I can in my life. To be completely honest I do not value learning as high as I probably should because I feel as though learning is something that will happen no matter what we d. so I feel that there is no reason to value something that is a given.
    2. I believe that a good student is someone that pays attention in class, does their homework, and makes an effort to participate in any way they can. As a student, I feel as though it is my responsibility as well as the responsibility of my class mates to do what we can to strive to be “good” students.
    3. I expect that a teacher is willing to explain things in different ways because not everyone will understand it in the same way. I always expect that a teacher is as up to date as they can be, only because they expect us to be able to keep up, where as we have just as busy a schedule.
    4. I feel as though a class needs to have group work, and some entertaining projects and assignments because if a class is just note taking and writing it will be boring and students will just space out and not learn anything.

  19. 1. My role as a learner is to make a better future for myself by learning the essentials I need to get a good job.

    2. A good student is a student that pays attention in class, studies and puts the information that they gain in school into creating a better future for themselves.

    3. A good quality teacher teaches students instead of just giving out worksheets and expecting them to learn on their own.

    4. In order for this class to be a good learning environment, the class needs to have fun as well as focus when it is needed. A good learning environment balances work with fun.

  20. 1.) My role as a learner is to listen to everything the teacher says, to take notes on new things we're learning, and to make sure i understand what we're doing in class. I highly value learning because in the future i will need to know all these things and it will help me grow as a student.
    3.) A "good" student in my opinion would have to do their homework everyday and take notes on everything new they're learning about. They would have to concentrate on what the teacher is saying and study hard for any test coming up. I expect many things from myself like trying to get all A's this semester and what i expect from my classmates is for them to try and reach the same goal as me.
    4.) My expectations for a teacher is very high, i expect them to have good teaching skills. For example, don't go to fast where no one will get what's going on. The teacher can't overload us with homework or give us no time to do it, or else we will stress ourselves trying to do everything while we have other homework from other classes as well. This is what i expect in every teacher.
    5.) For this English class to be a fun, learning environment it has to be fun. I don't want to read some old, boring books because then i won't be excited or interested to read it. Also, if everyone is respectful to Mrs. Comp and we're not so loud that people can't concentrate on their work.

  21. 1. My role as a learner is to listen, and comprehend the lessons that you, as the teacher teach. Listening intently, asking questions, and being respectful will extend the value of my learning.
    3. A good student consists of a positive attitude, a respectful manner, and a will to learn.
    4. A teacher should return the respect that they are given, be open-minded and nonjudgemental, and should provide enough information given clearly in order for the student to fully comprehend the lesson.
    5. In order to have a productive and fun learning environment, the class needs to constitute a respectful, but energetic behavior towards any lesson, or complication presented to the class. They need to be mindful of others, and have the will to participate in everyday activities. A functioning productive class will know when it's beneficial to add to conversation, or when to listen and soak up the lesson. The class will go smoothly, and if there are bumps along the way, they will be handled with grace.

  22. 1. As a student my favorite way of learning is visual and verbal learning because i like to be actively apart of the conversation.
    3.A good student body in a classroom is they all learn together, work in groups successfully, and all help contribute to the class conversations.
    4. A good teacher consists of, interesting things to say each day, teaches verbally to the class while supplying good examples.
    5.Nap time while listening to music. And group work to share different ideas on the topics of class.

  23. My role as a learner is to understand the content of what we are learning so that I can use that certain information for future refrences. I value learning because it's important to use that piece of knowledge for certain things like a job, or for school.

    1) A good student is someone who is constantly participating and getting involved with class discussion. Someone who does their homework on time, and goes to the teacher for help because that really shows that you care.
    2) I expect you as a teacher to clarify certain topics or ideas that we are learning, and to help students achieve good grades. Teach us ways that will make us more involved and less stressed about other things.
    3) I feel like group work is an important concept to making the class fun. Not only are we learning the requirments but we’re having fun as well. Use activities that involve music or games that are for educational purposes.

  24. 1) My role as a learner is to take in as much information as possible so that i can become more intelligent. I am supposed to try to do my best on all assignments that i receive in classes and to not give up if i can’t figure an assignment out my role is to go to talk to the teacher.
    2) To me I believe that learning is very valuable, because if you don't learn, or at least try to learn in school, then what are you going to do when u have to get a job or go to college? you have to have tried to learn everything you possibly can to set you up for life after school.
    3) In my opinion what constitutes a good student is someone who sits in class and always tries to do their best to learn everything they can i a class. they turn in most if not all of their homework and goes in to talk to a teacher when they need help.
    4) What i expect of a good quality teacher is a teacher who is willing to help you when you need help. a teacher who is easy to approach and talk to if you have any confusions about something.
    5) What a class needs to have to have a good productive, fun, learning environment needs to be a class that can focus when needed but also a class that can have fun and joke around when allowed. The class is a class that is fun to be in but allot of work is completed at the same time.

  25. My role as a learner is to pay attention and complete what is asked of me to my best ability, and if I make mistakes I can correct them, so then I learn. I honestly don’t value learning as much as I should. I value learning to the extent that you can learn basic comprehension and after that, learn different ideas and concepts on your own. I think what constitutes a “good” student is that they have average grades, complete all work on time, and asks questions. I expect myself to try as hard as I can to complete all assignments and spend my time on projects in a reasonable amount of time. I expect a good, quality teacher to be thorough with all guide lines and be reasonable with due dates. I think for this class to be fun and comfortable, we need to have a lot of state changes to keep the body active and the learning juices flowing.

  26. 1. As a learner, my role is to work my hardest and do my best on my part. I value my learning almost more than anything because I know that what I accomplish will get me to the place I want to be later in my life.

    3. A "good" student would be a student who doesn't make excuses every time they have something incomplete. Some one who has responsibility in getting their assignments in on time, and who tries their best in each thing they do. It's not necessarily some one who get's all A's. Not every one can, but a student who puts in effort is a quality one.

    4. A good, quality teacher is something who will give a student their time and thought. I've had teachers who don't want to make time in their schedule to work with me on something. If you're a teacher, in my opinion, you would love to help out a struggling student, not complain about it. A good teacher also shows each and everyday that they love what they do.

    5. In order for this class to be a fun and productive learning environment, us students just need to get out of our seats. We sit in our chairs all day long. It would be more productive if we could go and do an activity with other students that would give us a better idea about what we're learning.

  27. 1) My role as a learner is to soak up as much information as possible and use that information for something in the future that is relevant to my life. I value learning very highly. I look at how far I have come in my writing skills even since 8th grade and it is amazing to see how much I have learned.
    2) A good student is someone that tries their hardest and does their best. It makes me frustrated when people say that you are only a good student if you get good grades. But what about the C average student who tries so hard to earn that C? Are they not a good student? I expect myself to try hard as long as I see the relevance in the assignment or project. I expect my classmates to be mature and think of others before themselves.
    3)What I expect from a quality teacher is not giving busy work. I HATE busy work. It drives me nuts. So many of my teachers in the past have done that and often times I lose my respect for their teaching. I think you can learn in a classroom and still have it be fun and exciting. I expect you to equip me with the writing tools I need so that I can become a better and more developed writer.
    4)In order for a class to be fun, and productive I think their needs to be discussion about real world issues and problems. I think discussions are a great way to connect to not only what we are learning but also to the world around us. That and doing group projects like the one we did the first day of class.

  28. 1.1) What is your role as a learner? To what extent do you value learning?

    My role as a learner is to understand and use the information that is given to me. I should be participating and actually using what i’ve learned in my everyday life, rather than just going to class and doing the work because I have to.

    2.What constitutes a "good" student? Hence, what do you expect of yourself and your classmates as students and learners?

    To be considered a “good” student I need to do my best on my school work and do things outside of what is assigned in class. such as studying. As a good student I should always asks questions and makes sure that I clearly understand everything. I expect myself to listen and participate in class as much as possible.

    3. What do you expect of a good, quality teacher? Thus, what do you expect of me?

    What I expect from my teacher is that they make sure every student is clearly understand the information that she is giving and answers every question. I think a good teacher should always critique honestly so that we learn from our mistakes.

    4. What does this class need to do/have in order for a productive, fun, learning environment to exist? What does that look like?
    I think the class should be fairly interactive so that we can work with other people and get a different point of view.

  29. 1. My learning role is just like any parent with a job it what us kids are expected to do Monday- Friday. Learning is the core of living you need to have common life time knowledge so you know how to face certain situations in life. Learning in my household is what comes first, after school we are expected to get our homework done in a reasonable amount of time. My parents have always enforced how important an education is and will always be.
    3. A good student to me is someone who is always on top of things, by turning in your homework on time, preparing for test that day or week, or simply be prepared for class. Being in a class room with other students all I ask is that they show respect to everyone and respect the value of learning even if they aren't interested in the topic that is being presented.
    4. All that I ask of a teacher is to be excited to teach every topic even if the topic may not be that excited. Also, for them to help me when I'm struggling and not just push me away and leave me more confused than I was before. I just want to get the best education possible and with that come a lot of hard work. As long as the teacher teaches the class to his/her best ability and gives their all that all I ask of them.
    5. The class just need to respect the value of learning, participate in class discussions, and comes prepared to learn with a good attitude. Respect is the most important thing to me as a student and a person, as long as the class has a good positive flow to it with fun and exciting people in it, then this class should be a blast this year when a lot is going to be learned and we become a stronger graduating class.

  30. 1)My role as a learner is to take the opportunities that are given to me and learn from them. I should not only take the lesson and learn what will be on a test or what a teacher wants me to, but also take away what I want and need. I should look at every unit and class to find how it applies to my life and how it can help me in the future. As a learner I am not here to please my teacher, I am here to please myself. Everything I do and accomplish in school should be for my life and to help get me father in the future, not solely for a test. I highly value learning because it helps me create a good future for myself.
    2)A good student should quietly pay attention in class. Every student should be expected to know the right time to talk and the time to be silent. When working in a group every student should know what the assignment is and should contribute to the group. I expect myself and my classmates to be respectful to others’ ideas and thoughts. People do not have to agree with each other, but the disagreement should be respectful and not degrading.
    3)I expect a good teacher to know the material of the class and be able to clearly explain the assignments. A teacher should not give busy work just to have something to put in the grade book. Every assignment we do and book we read should be relevant to the class. When a teacher is asked a question about the material, or a task in the class they should be able to answer the question clearly and concisely.
    4)This class needs to be open to ideas and thoughts from all people in order to be a good learning environment. To be productive students should help each other so not all questions have to be directed to the teacher. A fun learning environment is one that promotes creativity and unique ideas. Interactive class activities are a good way to create a fun learning environment and all students should participate in order for the activity to be fun.

  31. 1) A role that I feel that I am just a student and a young teacher cause sometime other students need help and I can help explain to them. I feel that learning extend through out life you don’t ever stop learning its something that happens but to me there are some things that I don’t ever see using in my future, it all just depends on what you're going to need in your profession.

    2) I think I expect my self to try my hardest and not be lazy but for other students it’s should just do their best to keep the class on page and participate. If a student needs extra help I think a student should help without the teacher thinking that they’re having their own side conversation.

    3) I expect for the teacher to put thing clearly on the board and say exactly what we should be doing and what she want it to be like not having us guess what the teacher want we cant read a teachers mine like they want us to do. I also expect the teacher to be able to explain the problem in different forms because not all of use learn the same way there’s hands-on people, visual,and audio learners.

    4) I think that since most students like listening to music they should be able to listen to their own devices just because not every one like all types of music plus our own music can give a since of our individuality and how we really are and only have on headphone in so we can hear what the teacher want to say.


  32. (1) As a learner, I listen and follow instructions to make sure I am obtaining the correct information and applying that information in every way I can. I value learning a great amount, I know I can’t go the direction I want to go with my life if I don’t have an education.
    (3) A good student is someone who listens to the teacher and their classmates, follows the instructions and the rules of the class, and does their work in order to benefit from the class. I expect everyone, myself included, to try to get as much out of learning and the class as we can. You never know what skills or background information you are going to need as you get older, so even missing one lesson could potentially be a big problem.
    (4) I expect the teacher to give us the tools and skills we will need in the future, to help us strengthen our weaknesses, but still create a friendly and positive learning environment. I hope that your style of teaching is a good way for us to get as much out of this year as we possibly can and have a good year.
    (5) The class should be productive in learning/working but still relaxed so we are under less stress. This year is going to be hard enough, the last thing we need is a stressful working environment.J Group activities and interesting material are good for this kind of environment.

  33. 1.I believe the role as a learner is to always try your hardest even when you are trying to accomplish some of your hardest obstacles. In addition, I believe that you should always try to succeed and never give up.
    2. I think learning is a very important aspect to life. Without learning, you would not be able to succeed in life. I will never take learning for granted because you have to learn new things every single day no matter what you are doing
    3.As students and learners I believe that we should always be prepared to learn and be respectful of all the students around and us and most importantly the teacher. In addition, I believe that the teacher should be respectful to us. Also always be prepared for class and always be willing to help us when we need it.
    4. I expect a good teacher to explain the material very carefully to make sure students know what is going on. I also want a teacher to be understanding and willing to help you when you most need it.
    5. I believe for a class to have fun and be productive is to have group projects so that we can interact with other kids in our class and get their opinion on what we are learning about. In addition, to have hand on hand projects instead of always reading from the text or taking notes.

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